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“Without any changes, drivers would still be dying in NASCAR. But I don't think we'd beseeing NASCAR right now, quite frankly. I think Congress would have gotten involved at some point... I believe so. You cannot continue to kill your heroes.”

Dr. John Melvin, safety expert and NASCAR consultant about the death of Dale Earnhardt

As a motor-racing safety source, the Stand 21 “Racing Goes Safer!” foundation is a non-profit organization (application pending) its primary purpose being of promoting enhanced motorsports safety. It achieves this goal in collaboration with the medical and scientific community, as well as with major series organizations (FIA, SFI, NHRA, SCTA, SCCA, SCORE), to bring awareness of safety issues and solutions to the forefront of the motorsports world.

By gathering and consolidating data and experience collected by sanctioning bodies, universities and medical-research entities, the foundation is dedicated to sharing this information to the Motorsport community worldwide through continuous education.

More than ever, this motorsport safety foundation is of utmost importance, considering the large increase in race car drivers (1970: a few thousands, today over 1.5 million worldwide, most of them amateur drivers).

Plus d'information : www.racinggoessafer.org