• Research & Development

    It is on the race track that Stand 21 acquired its credentials/qualifications and established itself as THE technical partner with race car drivers that concern themselves with sporting the most performing and comfortable safety products...


More than faster lap times or race wins, safety is what keeps motorsports going. Comfort affects the performance and safety of the racecar driver. In this regard, Stand 21 is committed in finding and testing new materials, options, and processes that will help develop the most ergonomic and safest products. This is why the “Heat Stress” research program began in 2004 and set multiply connections with the medical world, especially through the “Racing Goes Safer” foundation. Because of constant motorsport technical evolution, Stand 21 keeps up with the latest research, developing new products that exceed customer expectations.

It is on the track that Stand 21 has become what it is today: the technical partner of racing drivers concerned with safety and any parameters affecting their performance. For us, in terms of safety, technology and the medical aspect are one. That’s why our R&D department works hand in hand with motorsport medical specialists (MD. Trammell (U.S.A.), Prof. Meistelman (France), Prof. Trafford (UK), Dr. Mineo Kawasaki (Japan)... Thanks to this work ethic and latest-generation manufacturing equipment, Stand 21 products have passed the highest standards in motorsport today (FIA, SNELL, SFI, CIK ...).