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A whole range of full-face and open-face carbon helmets, FIA 8860-2010 and/or SNELL SA 2010 certified, FHR compatible to fit different racing categories.

For over 20 years, Stand 21 has produced helmets in its own facility in France, using sophisticated composite materials. From the very beginning, Stand 21 followed the SNELL certification standard, at the time the world’s most stringent.

Today, the unrivaled Stand 21 expertise in carbon-fiber craft (also used in the manufacturing of the FHR devices) allows us to offer a highly performing, FIA-certified product line at an affordable price.

All Stand 21 helmets are engineered and constructed with built-in, frontal-impact head-restraint attachment systems.


Outer shell made of carbon 
Inner liner made of impact-absorbing,
memory generating material
Removable, washable fire-resistant inner padding
to ISO 15025A specification  
Kevlar® chinstrap
Custom painting available  
Supplied with a black protective carrying sleeve
SNELL SA or FIA 8860 Certified 
Supplied with FHR post anchors
After an impact:
Arpro® EPP material Conventional EPS material
A helmet inner liner absorbs most of the generated energy during a racing accident, offering protection to the skull. Unlike its competitors, Stand 21 has selected the exclusive Arpro® PPE (Expanded Polypropylene) to produce the inner liners for its helmet line. PPE has more linear compression properties than PPS (polystyrene), with higher initial-impact absorption and rebound-absorption capacity, offering greater safety in absorbing multiple impacts.

Radio equipment

Unlike systems that use hard-shell earphone and rigid microphones, our intercom solutions do not interfere with your helmet’s comfort and safety, avoiding potentially dangerous risks.
Fits on all Stand 21 helmets.

Warning! Factory fitted, or available at your Stand 21 retailer.

FHR engineered by Stand 21

Virtually unknown on the racing tracks just 10 years ago, the FHR has become today as basic a safety device for the racing car driver as his helmet or his fire-retardant suit. Its use has protected many racing drivers from serious injuries or even death.

Using its unmatched racing service, scheduled year-round on racing tracks all over the world, Stand 21 has for several years fitted the appropriate FHR model to numerous racers. Unquestionably Stand 21 has been and remains today a major contributor to the popularization of the FHR product.

This is why Stand 21 can now offers to racing car drivers an exclusive and unique FHR model line worldwide!

Wearing a head restraint device approved by the FIA is mandatory for all drivers and co-drivers in international events. Check with the Federation, sanctioning body that oversees your Championship: the decisions to make FHR mandatory are sometimes taken without advance warning. In any cases it is not advisable for your safety and your comfort to wear and install a FHR at the last minute or in very short time, especially without the assistance of FHR professional.


The FHR is the greatest safety innovation since the full-face helmet and the fire retardant racing suit. It reduces the risk of basilar skull fracture or muscle stretching during an intense deceleration, the primary cause of death in motor racing. A sign of drivers awareness: 2 out of 3 now purchase a FHR whereas it is or not compulsory in their racing series. This system can also be used with an open-face helmet, making its use much safer.

Choose your FHR depending on:
1. Your neck circumference
2. The recline of your seat

Fully Upright Seat
For sprint-car use 
Also for slender drivers weighing less than100 lbs
Upright Seat
For the majority of drivers in a majority of cars
Reclined Seat
For drivers with larger upper-body in most cars or slender drivers in open-wheel cars
Fully Reclined Seat
For speed-record vehicles, vintage open-wheel cars
5 inclines:
- Series 10:
Used for a very upright position (rallies...).
Series 20: Straight seating, used in sedans, GTs, rallies...
Series 25: For young drivers and women.
Series 30: Half-laid down seating, used in single seaters and prototypes.
Series 40: Laid-down seating, used in some single seaters.

3 width:100%;max-width:
- Small:
Neck circumference less than 38 cm (15 inches).
- Medium: Neck circumference between 38 and 45.5 cm (15 to 18 inches).
- Large: Neck circumference over 45.5 cm (18 inches).
- Special: Contact us.
FHR efficiency
In a 56 km/h (35 mph) crash

Stand 21 is the first FHR manufacturer in the world.


Discover why Stand 21 has been the world leader of made-to-measure, customized design and special racing suits for decades

Stand 21 is the world leader in custom race suits, with 90% of our yearly production being manufactured in this manner
A wide choice of fabrics and colors
40 years of continuous technological innovation and experience, providing exceptional finish-quality, safety and comfort without compromise
Fastest manufacturing turnaround time in the industry (as quickly as 10 business days in the off-season)
Safety without sacrificing comfort
Full customization (made-to-measure, custom designs, colors and embroidery...)
Stand 21 know how without sacrificing comfort and finish

The medical and scientific research in the Stand 21 Heat Stress Control has afforded Stand 21 a strong lead in manufacturing products that help alleviate the risks of excessive body heat while racing. To that end, Stand 21’s R&D has designed a full range of exclusive HSC-engineered truly breathable racing suits.


Underwear is, for a racecar driver, the final protection against fire.
It also acts as a second skin, allowing the body to breathe without soaking the driver’s skin.
As such, all of the driver’s under wears, from the hood to the socks, must be the result of a permanent research for optimization of comfort and safety.

Manufacturer of fire retardant underwear for more than 30 yearsStand 21 constantly improves its product line by using its experience in the production of specialized apparel for the racing driver. This unique knowledge allows Stand 21 to conceive and develop models offering exceptional comfort and look.
This technological knowledge, acquired through Stand 21 scientific research and its medical Heat Stress program delivers to each driver a full line of hand-crafted underwear with no compromise in quality, comfort, performance, or SAFETY.


Stand 21 has continuously developed its racing gloves technology for over 40 years alongside some of the world’s greatest drivers in history

From the very beginning, Stand 21 was closely associated with racers to gather their feedback and engineer and manufacture products that often address needs and hazards unidentified by the drivers themselves. This is how Stand 21 became a respected well of innovation in safety.

In 1984, Stand 21 invented and developed the outside-seam glove in collaboration with Ayrton Senna, a glove that has revolutionized steering feel. 
Above it all, Stand 21 is an innovating manufacturer on a mission to provide you, the racer, with the finest glove money can buy. This is why we have always supplied the racer with handcrafted gloves made from the finest materials and premium-quality leather.

It is what makes the product so unique and authentic, one that will guaranty you the best driving feel possible.


Racing car drivers are wearing today, shoes that have been since 1974, the product of Stand 21's unique and specific knowledge in racing-shoe manufacturing.

This knowledge combined with the highly developed technological skills and qualifications of Stand 21’s associates in its factory in India positions Stand 21 as a world leader in the field of personalized racing boots manufacturing.

Conventional sole material

For years, Stand 21 has delivered the best anti-vibration shoe using viscoelastic polymers because of the proven anti-vibration characteristics, to its shoe’s sole.

Vintage collection

Yesterday’s look… With tomorrow’s technology.
Experience once more motor racing’s golden age

From the 1950s to the end of the 1980s, auto racing produced its greatest "golden" years, when racers were risking their lives with very basic safety protection... Since then, safety has kept evolving and progressing, reducing the causes and consequences of accidents.

Today, vintage historic races are seeing a revival of these great years, bringing back to life authentic and exceptional cars that are the witnesses of a racing spirit that has since changed. To help you in your quest to recreate this racing authenticity, Stand 21 offers a wide range of equipment with a vintage "look", that may feature your personalization and car colors, while using the latest materials and manufacturing technology complying with the latest FIA, SFI, and SNELL SA standards.


Customize any of our products to generate complete outfit matching your vintage cars liveries or an authentic period replica

Team/crew apparels


Why using Team Apparel manufactured by Stand 21?
It comprises a full line of garments that will help communicate your image as well as your sponsors while your crew is working on your car.

Why will Stand 21’s team apparel solutions suit you?
- Undoubtedly the most appealing and highly visible visual support in motor racing - Functional and adaptive concept that will fit your

  particular needs for the small quantities required
- Fully customizable clothing (color, design, embroidery...)
- Large available off the shelf inventory that can be embroidered with your logos
- Fast turnaround and efficient order-handling process Stand 21 brings you new options on readily available garments (shirts, hats) as well as on specific apparel.

Now you can take full advantage of the marketing communication trough your Team Apparel that will provide you as well as your partners the most exposure.