Fire retardant sport bra

Stand 21 was the first company to design and produce a fire-retardant brassiere for women drivers, first used in IndyCar racing over 10 years ago by Danica PATRICK and Catherine LEGGE, among others.
Always leading and keeping track of the motor racing world’s evolution, especially with the increased women participation, we decided to revisit and improve our bra, in collaboration with Michèle MOUTON, Cathy MULLER and Marianne ALAIS.

Satisfied user of the fire retardant bra

“This bra not only is comfortable, but gives me that extra confidence to take risks knowing that my body is entirely protected,” said Regan Steedman after her wins at Laguna Seca Raceway in August during the POC meeting.
“Besides being supportive and fire retardant, the bra is also machine washable. I am superstitious, but I do wash my bra between races,” added Steedman, “I like to feel fresh and clean before I go out on track.
Just know that I will be wearing this bra to each and every race. From all of the women drivers out there a giant THANK YOU Stand 21!”

  • Stock fire retardant bra
  • Stock fire retardant bra
  • Stock fire retardant bra
  • Stock fire retardant bra
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Technical data

- 220 g / sq. meter, treated Aramid fabric
- Sizes: 1 (XS/S) - 2 (M/L) - 3 (XL/XXL)
- Color: natural
- Contains no metal or plastic underwire likely to cause skin burn

Romain Morizot We are witnessing an increasing number of women drivers, racing in different classes and events.
Therefore, we wanted to update our bra with advanced appearance and comfort in order to offer a perfectly adapted and safer solution. This is why we asked Michèle, Cathy and Marianne, our friends and brand ambassadors, in order to guarantee an adequate development with their professional validation. Thus, they can now race with reduced risks (Nylon based fabrics are extremely flammable and melt on the skin under heat transfer). Finally, STAND 21 will donate 10% of annual sales to an association fighting against breast cancer (different each year) hence the pink embroidery.

Cathy MullerThe world of motorsport is changing, and an increasing number of women are competing. It is with pleasure that I volunteered to collaborate with Romain and Marianne. On-track safety is very important and it is now necessary that racing women become more aware. Drivers must be safely equipped from head to toe. The older bra lacked support and needed improvements. This is now done and we shall raise awareness so that women drivers and future drivers become aware of the importance of wearing this new bra. I was shocked to see so many racing women wearing sports bras, because the Nylon melts on the skin. In addition, the support for an association is such a beautiful gesture. Thank you all for this great job accomplished in one year.

Marianne Alais
It is with great pleasure and a lot of emotion that I accepted this mission. I am very concerned about track safety which is essential for a driver, and many fail to understand the importance of properly equipping themselves. I encounter many women wearing sports bras. In case of fire, it is critical to know that their fabric will stick to the skin, not a pretty sight all the same. The improvements of the Stand 21 bra were therefore timely to change mentalities and to make women more aware, including the youngest ... and to show that there is a specific bra that meets all these safety challenges. Now, no woman driver has a valid excuse and I hope that the marshals will raise their awareness during equipment checks before the races. As I tested it, it really feels like a second skin, provides good support, comfort and safety. We're not here for a fashion contest, so let's put safety first, ladies. In addition, knowing that a portion of the sales will be donated to an association dedicated to fighting against breast cancer is great, bringing a boost to a completely different women's fight. Let’s go forward into a new era for racing women. Thanks to Romain and the FIA ​​for their trust. It was a real pleasure to work together and be part of this great project.