FHR fitting

  Please feel free to contact your Stand 21 technical advisor for any fitment questions.
Your FHR System must be
positioned between your shoulders
and your harnesses. Don’t ever put
anything between your harnesses
and your FHR System. Harnesses
fasteners must be positioned on
the FHR System lower-part.
HANS harness harnais
Your shoulder belts tension adjusters must be correctly positioned to ensure maximum efficiency of the FHR.
Carefully follow fitment instructions.
Position of the shoulder belts adjusters INCORRECT
HANS correct HANS incorrect
Minimize this distance Shoulder belts might slip off
the FHR
HANS correct HANS incorrect
1- Horizontal line
2- 10° to 20° below a horizontal line
3- Belts are fastened too low
Belts are not performing: too much pressure on the driver’s shoulders.
4- Belts are fastened too high
The FHR is artificially raised and may interfere with the helmet
Modifying your FHR in any way (such as cutting into it) would cause an immediate loss of its FIA certification and could render it dangerous!
The FIA has issued a new standard for the Frontal Head Restraints:
FIA 8858-2010. However, the FIA standard 8858-2002 remains
valid for competitions under FIA rules.