Stand 21 offers the auto-racing world’s unique service to create your dream helmet, made to your measures, sporting your design and fitted with all needed options to meet your particular needs.
Let us show you how you can get such a helmet in a just few steps...
Contact us!

Send us 4 pictures of your head
(face, profiles and top), as well as your head circumference.
Your Stand 21 advisor will contact you.

Choosing a helmet is a complex process and must be done carefully. For your comfort and safety, you should consult a professional. Contact us.
Once your helmet model chosen, adapt your comfort precisely by opting for
made-to-measure, a totally free service by Stand 21.
It is also possible to make a made-to-measure one-piece inside if you want!
Adaptable standard inside Made-to-measure one-piece inside

Do you have a clear idea for a design?
Would you rather have us design for you a totally original decor?

In any case, your Stand 21 customer-care specialist is available to guide you and ensure that your helmet will give you entire satisfaction and meet your personal requirements.

Only helmets with the "Painted by Stand 21" signature are painted in our workshops.

Why should you have your Stand 21 helmet painted at the factory?
- Your helmet is factory painted before assembly,
avoiding later disassembly and sanding as well as extra transportation costs.
- Non factory authorized assembly alterations, or using a paint type not factory tested may harm the physical integrity of the shell and could lead to your helmet being decertified
- Painting the helmet’s bare shell directly before its assembly to its inner parts will save weight.
- More than 50 pre-established designs will help you find you ideal decor. Contact us!
- Over 15 years of painting experience
- Short turnaround (3 weeks on average)
CHROME FINISHING Available for all our helmets.
Many more chrome colors available upon request:
red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple… Contact us.